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Friday, October 20, 2017

The FIVE ELEMENTS of Oriental Medicine: Assessment through the Natural

Astrological symbols thangka; Wu Hsing Tao School, Traditional Five Element Acupuncture & Psychology, Seattle, Washington
Five Elements - Photo   by       Wonderlane 
One of the major ways in which Chinese medicine determines how one’s health relies on the laws of the universe.  This essentially means that any trained person in Chinese medicine will turn towards nature and the characteristics that are in this environment to determine why one may be unhealthy.

One of the ways that these determinations are made is through the five elements.

The five elements consist of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.  When looking at these elements, there are certain attributes that are analyzed.  In turn, the analysis that is made will also determine how it is related to various organs.  Not only did these five elements determine the relation of the elements to organs, but went on to include things such as how emotions corresponded with these various elements.

The idea of the five elements is to see how everything is interconnected to each other through the universe.  Chinese medicine determines that every man is a reflection of what is in the universe, meaning that each individual can be analyzed in direct co-relation to the elements of the universe.

Take for instance if someone is having trouble with their heart or small intestine.  According to Chinese medicine, this would directly relate to Fire, meaning that it would be linked with the qualities of summer and the energy of heat.  The result of the heart or intestine trouble would be that the sense organ of the tongue would first be affected.  The emotion associated with this would be either joy or shock.  The heart and the small intestine will also trigger bitter taste that someone will respond to.

The idea is that everything in the external universe is directly aligned with the internal.  In order to be completely healthy, or to get holistic health, the five elements principles have to be applied.  By doing this, one is able to find the natural solutions for any season or element that they are looking at.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Sit Back and RELAX: Using a Massage for Healing

The Thai massage is primarily based on an acup...
The Thai massage is primarily based on an acupressure system of
Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine with an added touch of yoga.
(Photo credit: 
The growth in medicine and technology has also made significant growth in possibilities to stay in good health.  There are medications for sleeping and staying awake, relaxing and gaining energy, headaches and an imbalance of systems.  All of these medications begin to pump various things into your system that your body then is forced to react to, sometimes not so naturally.  

If you want to take a different approach to your healing, why not try a more natural remedy?  Chinese medicine understands how the body can be naturally healed and has developed a variety of methods to help bring this into place.  One of the popular methods used is traditional healing massages.  Not only will this help you to heal by clearing up blocks that may be making you ill, but it will also help you to relax in the process.  

The Chinese traditional healing massage was developed over 2500 years ago in the Orient.  Through this development was an understanding of how the human touch, combined with specific pressure points could help to stop disorders.  Each of these touches would stimulate specific areas of the body that was not in tune with the natural flow of energy.  This would then allow one to begin there own healing process.  

Not only did massages begin to develop various reactions to touch, but they also began to develop into focus points for healing.  For example, many of the traditional massages for healing will be focused on the abdominal area in order to help balance out internal organs.  Other parts of the message will focus on the tissues and muscles that may not be receiving the proper nutrients or flow of energy.  

The idea of Chinese medicine is one that moves beyond the prescription pills and into a method of complete relaxation.  By doing this, one is able to find an alternative method to begin healing and developing a holistic approach to health.  The various massages that have been developed through Chinese medicine are a great way for you to stop taking the extra medications, and instead, sit back and relax.  

Saturday, July 29, 2017

CHINESE HERBS - Effectiveness for Women in case of Pre-menstrual Syndromes

Many diseases or medical conditions that erupt in our life are mainly because of the unhealthy diet and high consumption of saturated foods. Pre-menstrual syndromes have also found their inception because of this very change in our nutrition.

The premenstrual syndrome is defined as faulty function of the ovaries related to the women's menstrual cycle. It affects the physical and emotional state of the women. It sometime interferes with the daily activities as well due to hormonal fluctuation in the body. The emergence of syndrome takes place approximately two weeks before which then decays as the periods start.

The resulting pain and disturbances can be relieved with the usage of Chinese herbal medicines. As being effective in many other cases, these herbs have also proved their worth in this aspect of medicine as well.

The herb named Ba Ji Tian or Morinda root is very effective with respect to the problems associated with reproductive, urinary and menstrual disorders like this very syndrome in women. Primarily, water retention is the main problem associated with women in PMS which occurs due to deficiency of potassium. But morinda root contains high concentration of potassium which is essential for balancing the salt level in the body. Besides, it also regulates the fluid in our bodily tissues and improves the lymphatic functions.

Furthermore, it also contains Linoleic acid and Flavone glycosides. The former helps in converting essential fatty acids in to GLA thus resulting in lesser production of PGE2 and reducing the uterus pain and cramps whereas the latter improves the muscles of the large intestine in moving the stool thereby reducing the risk of constipation as well. The Morinda root contains carotene, vitamin A and C which are very essential for nourishing the immune system for fighting against the irregular cell growth in case of tumours, cancer and endometriosis. They also guard against infections and inflammations including the women reproductive system.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

CHINESE HERBS - Are either Beneficial for Psoriasis and Heart or not?

Psoriasis of the back.
Psoriasis of the back.
(Photo credit: 
Various diseases exist throughout the world which do not have a specific cure procedures or definite medications. Rather many alternative therapies are used to lower the effect of the symptoms and relieve the pain resulting from them. Chinese herbs are one of the many herbal medicines that are used for the similar procedure. 

Over the years the use of these herbs has increased to treat Psoriasis and nourish up a healthy heart. Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that results in thickening of the skin along with redness and scaling as well. In this condition, the cells in the outer layer multiply very rapidly, causing the thickness of the skin. Furthermore they stick to one another more strongly and for longer period than the normal cells do thus resulting in the scaling of the skin. The redness and scaling of the skin depends upon the part of the skin involved. 

The Chinese herbs help the patients by reducing the symptoms of the disease which encourages them to continue the medication course. The diagnosis outline of the herbs which is carried out by a professional doctor, also known as “Heat in the Blood”, is focused on the redness of the skin. The doctor first determines the main pathology of the said condition so that the diagnosis and treatment are in order and the side-effects can be avoided as much as possible.

Moreover, the doctor observes the features of the scales and patches as the patients are treated individually and the condition of the disease varies between being mild or severe amongst a group of affected ones. Though the herbs are easily available with description on web, it is recommended to consult a good doctor to ensure
maximum treatment rather than using them on your own.

Besides, in case of healthy heart, the laboratory tests carried out in many countries indicate that the herbal formulas used in Chinese medications help in the large production of nitric oxide which generates relaxation in our blood vessels. This consequence allows the blood to flow more easily through the entire circulatory system. Also nitric oxide helps prevent blood clots and plaque from clogging the arteries whilst also keeping the blood pressure in check and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

Missing Ingredient

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tuning Into Opposites for Health: The Principle of Yin and Yang for MEDICINE (TCM)

English: Traditional Chinese Medicine describe...
Traditional Chinese Medicine
describes things as either Yin or Yang.
Here are some Yang qualities,
with the character for Yang.
(Photo credit: 
Chinese medicine is not only a way of science that incorporates the discoveries made for holistic health.  It also incorporates philosophies that are important for one to be able to stay in the best health.  Along with these philosophies are practical principles that are applied with Chinese medicine in order for holistic health to be achieved.  

The idea of Yin and Yang is one of the many principles that are at the root of Chinese medicine and it’s functioning.  This particular method was applied through Taoism, one of the religious practices in the Orient.  From this philosophy, the Chinese discovered that the laws of the universe could be applied to each individual in order to gain optimum health.  

The idea of Yin and Yang incorporates five major ideas that are then used in order to help one gain the best of health.  The first of these is opposition.  This means that everything and everyone has two polar opposites.  When one is balanced, both of these are controlling each other.  This opposition is essential to one being able to exist in the universe.  

English: Traditional Chinese Medicine describe...
Traditional Chinese Medicine
describes things as either Yin or Yang.
Here are some Yin qualities,
with the character for Yin.
(Photo credit: 
Not only is this opposition essential for existence, but it is also what allows one to be healthy.  By balancing out these two opposites, one is able to nourish them as well as grow into new understanding and balance.  However, even if these are not balanced, there is still a little of one side into the other making the idea of Yin and Yang interchangeable.  

When one applies these particular philosophies to health, they can find that they are able to use the principles to help with health.  With each side of your body is another side that is the polar opposite.  A good example is your abdomen, which needs your back in order to remain balanced.  By focusing on both sides, you will be able to gain balance, energy and a holistic approach to your life.

The idea of Chinese medicine is one that doesn’t just record symptoms through a scientific perspective.  It takes into account the dark and light sides of everyone.  By learning how to apply the principles of Yin and Yang to every part of your health, there is the ability to learn to exist with a new balance.  

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Getting the Body Back to Work: Tuina and CHINESE MEDICINE

Jar of dried, gutted sea cucumbers at a Tradit...
Jar of dried, gutted sea cucumbers
at a Traditional Chinese medicine emporium
in Yokohama, Japan.
(Photo credit: 
If your body is out of sync with what it is supposed to be doing, it can cause endless amounts of problems.  You may feel tired all of the time, or restless.  For no apparent reason, you may get headaches or feel nauseous during the day.  Beyond this, you can catch the viruses and colds going around all of the time.  

According to Chinese medicine, this simply means that your flow of energy is off.  If this is the case, and you want to find an alternative method to getting back in touch with what your body needs, you don’t have to look any further than Chinese medicine.  One of the methods that can be used for Chinese medicine is Tuina, also known as Oriental bodywork therapy.  

Tuina originated in 1700 BC in order to help with children’s diseases that were directly related to the muscles and skeletal system of children.  The concept of Tuina was also developed for help with digestion for adults.  After the year 600, the concept of Tuina was considered to be an art, and was banished by the government.  It wasn’t until the beginning of the Communist regime in the 1960s that it became popular again as a method for medical arts.  

Tuina is like a combination of acupuncture and a massage.  A practitioner will work on changing the flow of your energy in your body by using various hand techniques.  The hand techniques will first be used in order to massage the tissues and muscles of your body.  Afterward, specific points, also used for acupuncture will be focused on.  This added pressure is known to change the flow of Qi.  After this, the practitioner will focus on realignment of the bones, skeletal structure and ligaments in order to realign them.  

Beyond these basic techniques, practitioners may also choose to combine herbs, salves and ointments to enhance the Tuina.  This will help to completely shift all levels of the energy systems that are in your body, allowing you to become more generated, balanced and healthy.  

If you are looking for an alternative method to get to the depths of your health, Tuina is the method you will want to look into.  This particular method is known to heal those that use it on all levels, with a combination of Chinese medicine techniques that are popular.  By doing this, there is the ability for those using it to change their energy flow into better health.   

Sunday, February 19, 2017

CHINESE HERBS - An Important Medication For The Cancer Patients

Chinese herbs have been approved as a remedy for almost every sort of ailment and disease. Apart from that the best remedy with the least side effects is the herbal treatment. It is naturally effective and over the years Chinese herbs have proved to be a great medication.

Pictures of herb samples from categories of Ch...
Herb samples from categories of Chinese Herbs Tonifying Herbs: Herbs that Tonify the Yin
 (Photo credit: 

Cancer has always been regarded as a common problem and as several diseases in the Chinese medical literature. It is one of the most growing diseases among people nowadays. The cure of cancer is carried out in four steps. In the first step the process of cancer is stagnated. The selection of herbs is also based on the area where the tumour has developed. Anti toxic herbs are given to reduce the toxicity level of the medication and chemotherapy. In the second stage the immune system is strengthened through herbs. 

Since the body is already weak with cancer curing medicines so these herbs help in the digestion process of the medication and help strengthen the immune system. The last process involves taking herbs that help in avoiding the reoccurrence of the cancer. These herbs affect the root cause and help the patient in leading a healthy tumour free life.

Chinese herbs are so complex and numerous in types that an experienced herbologist should be consulted before use. The ingredients of the herbs of  anti breast cancer medicine are oldenlandia (20 %), taraxacum (20 %), scutellaria (20 %), aurantium (20 %), curcuma (20 %), for stomach cancer the herbs are oldenlandia (40 %) and imperata (30 %) or use scutellaria (15%) and imperata (15%), for liver cancer its oldenlandia (30 %), scutellaria (30 %), phragmites (10 %), peonae alba (30 %). Chinese herbs provide cure for stomach, ovary, lung, liver, and Esophageal and Colon cancer.  In short Chinese herbs provide a great long lasting cure for cancer.

Monday, December 19, 2016

CHINESE HERBS- A General Synopsis of the Properties of the Herbs

The marvels of Chinese herbs have continued to charm and help people all over the word for a very long time. Almost all medicines have been created by mixing them in different quantities and proportions. The Chinese herb logy is a vast field that consists of numerous types of herbs possessing a wide range of properties and specialties.

Some elements for M├ędecine chinoise in Xi'an
Some elements for M├ędecine chinoise in Xi'an (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chinese herb basically possesses a specific taste, temperature and certain special characteristics. The basic tastes are sweet, bitter, salty, pungent, bland, astringent and aromatic. Some are known to poses herbs are mixed together on the basis of their tastes and temperatures.

Sweet herbs are sticky in nature and if they are mixed with a cold herb they are useful in creating a medicine that is useful for fluids. The yin property allows the energy of the body to be restored and also cure stomach and urine problems. The sweet herbs are sticky so they help in clogging the misplaced elements of the body. The bitter taste herb possesses the quality of dryness. 

So whenever there is a defiance of yin in the body this herb is used to cure the problem. The pungent herbs assist in the movement functions of the body. When this herb is mixed with a cold herb it is useful in solving joint problems and regulating the other movements of the body. The salty herb poses the quality of codify and dissolve. It is mostly obtained from the marine world which is why the salt content is high in these herbs. Whereas the astringent herb is useful in supplying the useful components to the body.

Apart from these properties herbs also poses properties such as hotness, coolness, coldness, warmth and neutral. All these are combined with the above mentioned herbs to give you the best medicine for your problem.    

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Studying the INTERNAL STARS: The Use of Energy in Your Body (Qi)

Deutsch: Yin Yang
Yin Yang (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have ever heard of ideas from physical fitness or Yoga, then you are familiar with the idea of using the energy in your body properly.  In Chinese Medicine, the energy that you have is something that is much deeper than a physical fitness.  The idea if Qi (Chee), is an energy force that is often referred to in order to stay healthy.  

The idea of Qi begins with elements that are in the use universe that make up energy.  This same Qi that is in the universe is, by Chinese medicine philosophy, also in ever living being.  The Qi that is being referred to is something that Chinese philosophy considers to be in every part of every thing.  It can’t be destroyed, only changed.  

 One way to explain the way that Qi functions in Chinese philosophy is through the element of water.  Under certain conditions, water will change into ice or evaporate.  Even though it is changing form or place, it still functions as the same type of energy in the other form.  

Through the idea of energy being in everyone’s being, and changing as the person needs, is the relation to how this can be used for medicine.  All of the Qi that is moving through the body has currents that the energy flows through, much like the circulation system.  The Chinese medicine system states that there are fourteen major points where the Qi flows through a person.  All of these points will have Yin and Yang access to them and are used in practices such as acupuncture.  

As the system of Qi flows through someone, it also functions within the body to specific things.  When all of your Qi is flowing properly then you are considered healthy.  Not only does your Qi track your energy, it also makes sure that the different systems that are functioning transform the different parts of the body so they are balanced.  For example, some types of Qi will take nutrients to the muscles.  It is also known to keep parts of the body protected from the wrong types of food, while other areas of the body contain the elements that are needed.  

The idea of Qi is to keep the energy of the body functioning in the proper way.  When one is in complete health, they are known to have reached Upright Qi.  By keeping everything flowing in the right manner, and paying attention to how the body is changing, there will be the ability to continue to hold the energy of the universe in one’s body.  

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Importance of the BEAT: Checking Your Pulse for a Diagnosis

Chinese medicine will always use natural observations in order to determine which parts of the body may be off in their energy.  By observing the external functions of the body, they can make assessments on how this affects the internal structure.  From here, they will be able to decide on how to change the energy flow.

Taking pulse
Taking pulse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of the most important areas of observation for Chinese medicine diagnosis is the pulse.  The different pulses of the body are so important to Chinese medicine, that they are considered an art by learning how to use them appropriately.  Usually, only the most trained practitioners can find how to use the pulse properly.

The reason why the pulse is important to the observations is because Chinese medicine has found connections between the pulse and every area of the body.  In Western medicine, there is an understanding that the pulse of the heart is located in the wrist and also the neck.  In Chinese medicine, there are also pulses for the kidney, liver, and other body areas.

Not only do all of the internal organs have specific pulses in different areas of the body, but these also have different depths.  This means that a reading of a pulse can be heard in ‘layers’ in each position.  Typically, each pulse will have three different depths that can be observed.  These can be found in nine different areas when the diagnosis is being made from pulse.

If a practitioner is looking for a diagnosis for a pulse, they will look for several attributes.  If you are in Chinese medicine, you will most likely know about twenty-eight different characteristics to look for.  These may be related to how the pulse sounds, the rate it is beating at, and other factors such as this.  The characteristics that are determined will also help to draw conclusions about which areas of the body are off of their regular energy flow.

If you are moving into Chinese medicine, expect your pulses to be checked.  This is one of the main considerations in Chinese medicine, and is never over looked in the diagnosis.  The art of checking the pulse in Chinese medicine is one of the main foundations for understanding how the internal Qi of someone is functioning.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

ACUPUNCTURE As a Facelift Alternative

English: Acupuncture
Acupuncture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Something that all of us struggle against is time.  As a matter of fact, all of us are aging from the time we are born and as we get older, that age begins to display itself in one way or another.  For some, it comes as a decreased metabolism and an inability to keep off excess weight.  For others, it comes in the form of facial wrinkles and noticeable signs that point to the fact that we are getting older.  Some people spend countless dollars on all kinds of treatments in order to get rid of these wrinkles, some of which are very unhealthy.  A new way of looking at an old medicine, however, may give us some hope in order to turn back the hands of time.  Is acupuncture actually being used as a facelift alternative?

First of all, you need to know that acupuncture itself is not a facelift at all.  There is no surgery, chemical injections or any other alterations that are done through acupuncture that would classify it as such.  That doesn't mean, however, that you're not able to enjoy a healthier complexion and more youthful look as a result of acupuncture treatments.  The fact of the matter is, acupuncture is known to help with your general health and this can offer you a lot in the way of reduced aging.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is a way of bringing the body back into a naturally balanced state.  Two opposing forces that govern our body in general often get pushed toward one extreme or the other.  By maintaining a balance between these two extremes, we allow our life energy, or Chi to flow naturally throughout our body and to give us balance.  This can help us in many different ways but for the most part, it helps us to enjoy natural health and all of the benefits that it gives to us.

So, can acupuncture remove your wrinkles?  No, it can't remove the wrinkles from your face but it can give you a health that will radiate from within.  It can help to remove a lot of the negative effects of aging that show up as a wrinkles on your face.  If you maintain a healthier balance in your body, you will give off a more youthful appearance that will be plain for everyone to see.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Connecting the Dots: Understanding Internal Organs through ZANG-FU THEORY

Traditional Chinese medicine is the idea that everything is interconnected in one’s body and in the universe.  Through this concept, there was a development of the way in which the system could be divided.  The understanding of this system is what allowed one to practice alternatives towards health and balanced energy.

"FiveElementsCycleBalanceImbalance". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia.

The Zang-Fu theory is the concept that the functions of the different organs interact with each other.  This interaction allows them to function in different ways, and also balances out the health of different individuals.  When one’s internal organs are completely balanced, they have reached complete health because their energy is able to flow naturally and without any blocks.

From this major concept, the internal organs are divided into various categories.  The first set of categories is the Zang, which are the Yin organs.  This includes the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, and pericardium.  The Fu are the Yang organs and includes the intestines, gall bladder, urinary bladder and stomach.  Each of these organs will be paired together; meaning that one Yang organ corresponds to one Yin organ.

Through each of these categorizations, the organs are able to correspond and function by relating to each other.  When these organs are not functioning properly together, it will be the cause of dysfunction in the body.  Beyond this, it is the functioning of these organs that directly link to the way that the mind and the spirit function together.  The Zang organs will be directly linked with specific emotions as well as senses.  The Fu system is the opposite of this because it is linked to the hollow system and digestion.

The combination of all of the elements of the body is the major concept in the Zang Fu theory.  By combining the internal organs and discovering the relationships that they have between each other, one is able to find the necessary answers to healing.  Chinese medicine, through combining all of the elements is able to work towards an internal healing that leads to external functions of health.  

Friday, August 19, 2016

Taking Your Medicine Naturally: CHINESE FOOD Therapy

You go into your kitchen after a long day’s work and open the refrigerator.  The availability of food isn’t looking good for you again.  It’s either left over pizza, or another microwave meal.  You find the fastest and easiest solution so that you can continue with your day and not let the food stop you from getting what you need to done.  

Photo  by Smithsonian Institution
According to Chinese medicine, this can be one of the major causes of illness.  Not eating balanced and properly can lead to a stop in the right energy flow in your body, causing your body to not have the ability to process its nutritional needs correctly.  The alternative that is suggested is Chinese food therapy, where there is a balance between the food that you eat and the nutrition that you get. 

The philosophy behind Chinese food therapy is that everything must be balanced.  This begins by discovering the polar opposites of foods that are available and combining them for a middle ground.  Yin and yang are the philosophy that is used for foods, giving the best combination of elements for health.  Yang is known to increase body heat, which will raise the metabolism to process nutrients.  Yin then combines with this to decrease the body heat, which will balance the nutrients that are being processed in the metabolism.  

In order for Chinese food therapy to work properly, there has to be an understanding of how your body reacts to specific things.  If you are completely balanced, too much of either yin or yang will cause a reaction by your body, allowing you to stay balanced.  Everything that your body does, when using Chinese food therapy, will be communicating to you how to use your food and balance it out properly.  

If your body is imbalanced, you can use some foods in order to use the Chinese food therapy correctly.  For example, some foods may cause your energy to be lower.  You can use roots of foods in order to increase this, which are directly linked to the Yang foods.  Ginseng is one popular example that will help to increase circulation and the metabolism.  This is one of several examples that can help you to heal and balance naturally.  

Next time you are ready to eat your meal, make sure that you have both Yin and Yang in combination with each other.  Over time, you will notice that the balance of your energy, as well as the various effects of the food makes a difference in how you function.  Using Chinese food therapy as a method of health is one of the easiest ways to help chewing in your health. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Back to the Plants: CHINESE MEDICINE and Herbal Remedies

In Chinese medicine everything has a place and a structure in order to help with healing.  All of these are natural approaches to bringing holistic health in an individual.  One of the concepts that Chinese medicine uses in relation to this is herbal remedies.  By combining a variety of elements, there is the ability for the herbs to help in healing everything.

The Pen ts'ao, 1249 C.E. Printed with woodbloc...
The Pen ts'ao, 1249 C.E. Printed with woodblock, this illustrated book discusses Chinese herbal medicine.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The basis behind herbal remedies is to combine a series of herbs in order to bring about the desired effect.  Usually, there will be a formula of four herbs used in combination with each other.  This is done in order to treat secondary illnesses that may have been affected by the primary illness.  It also helps to balance and strengthen the body while it is healing.

When Chinese medicine begins to divide the various herbal remedies, they will do so by a hierarchy.  At the top of this hierarchy is the emperor herb.  This will be used to cure the major illness that is taking place.  Underneath this is the ‘ministers’ of the herbal remedy.  This is used to treat any secondary illnesses that are taking place.  After this, herbal ‘assistants’ will be used to support the other two herbs.  The last set of herbs will be the messenger herbs, which will tell the primary and secondary herbs where to go and how much of an effect to take on the body.

The herbal remedies that are placed together after this will be divided by the specific symptoms that are being seen.  Like all other parts of Chinese medicine, these will first be found through the five elements and how they relate to the body.  For example, some herbs will be spicy in order to relate to areas of the body that need this extra element to begin better flow of Qi.

The last part of herbal medicine from ancient Chinese remedies is to determine the type of energy that is needed by a person.  This is found by diagnosis and examining the Qi that is in a person.  After this, a specific mixture of these four hierarchies will be mixed together in order to help change the energy flow that is in someone.

By examining the Qi and finding respective remedies through herbs, one is able to find the best solutions using a holistic method.  This allows one to benefit from the use of Chinese medicine and herbs in order to fight off an illness or block of energy in their system.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Search for CHINESE MEDICINE: How to Find Practitioners for Alternative Health

Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medi...
Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Many who have had a few bottles of prescription drugs that haven’t worked are now trying to find alternatives to healing.  If you want to join the growing numbers of people who are working towards alternative medicine, you can look directly into Chinese medicine.  There are a variety of practitioners available, all which understand the methods to helping you heal.

If you are familiar with Chinese medicine as an alternative, you may have also noticed that it doesn’t seem like there are a lot who are advertising the alternatives.  Just because this is true, you don’t have to give up hope to finding your options with your health.  Through some simple searching, you can find the best way to optimize your health and energy.

The good news about Chinese medicine is that most practitioners that come from the orient are first trained in the ancient practices.  Even though it may say that they are specialized in a specific type of practice, you can suspect that they know a few things about the complete picture of Chinese medicine.  For example, if you know an acupuncture practitioner, you will be safe in asking about herbal alternatives as well.

Not only can you ask local practitioners about Chinese medicine practices, you can also find other resources that can help.  Because alternative medicine is becoming more popular, you can easily find national associations and organizations that are dedicated to promoting alternative methods of Chinese medicine.  By linking to these organizations as an alternative, you will be able to expand your possibilities and knowledge of holistic health.

Finding a way to link the mind, body and spirit also means finding examples of those who have been initiating alternative health.  There are a variety of possibilities that are available, all which can link you to understanding and practicing your flow of energy.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tying Into Ancient Philosophies: Does CHINESE MEDICINE Work?

You have had a head cold for over a month.  No matter what type of medication you try, you simply can’t get rid of the problem.  It continues to linger, knocking you out of your ability to have the energy you want to and function at the level you want every day.  Getting desperate for an answer to get rid of the illness, you begin to look for alternatives.
Yokohama Chinese Medicine Mussel
Yokohama Chinese Medicine Mussel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A friend recommends an acupuncturist to you in order to help to cure the problem.  There happens to be someone that she has also gone to who could probably help you to be cured of your cold.  Even though you laugh at first, the cold has dragged on long enough, and you are willing to try the alternatives.  You schedule an appointment and get ready to try something a little different with some alternative.

For most, there is some cynicism on whether the ideas of Chinese medicine really work.  Even though it is an ancient practice that has been developed through both the physical and spiritual aspects, it doesn’t tie into much science that Western thought would give a second look at.

Chinese medicine, even though it is not a proven science, is a good alternative for those that are dealing with any type of illness.  For about 90% that use the method, they will say that there are positive results that come from the practice.  All you have to do to see if this is true is to look at the amount of time that it has lasted.  You can also look at the growing popularity of various holistic methods that are now being used.  Most of these come from Chinese medical philosophies.

If you are considering an alternative to your health, you can start to turn to ancient philosophies to better your energy.  Even though science hasn’t proven its validity, time and people have.  Chinese medicine, no matter what level of health you are working towards curing, can be effective if you walk in with the desire to finding the best healing alternatives.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Learning to Balance Energy: The Practice of QUIGONG in CHINESE MEDICINE

Qigong is one of the most popular medical meditation practices used for Chinese medicine.  From its origins, it has been known to be not only a meditation, but also a self-medicating practice by moving the flow of energy, or Qi.  When one practices Qigong, they will focus on specific focal points of the body.  This allows them to clear these points and continue to stay balanced, energized and healthy.

Photo  by Elvert Barnes 

Qigong is best known for combining its ideas of meditation, breathing and movement.  This begins with a series of breathing exercises that are used in order to begin the flow of energy.  This is then combined with exercises that allow the muscles to become tense and relax.  These exercises are known to help the muscles to become heated, which in turn, allows for an increase in producing energy and digesting nutrients that are needed throughout the body.

When one is beginning Qigong, there will be a focus on deep breathing as well as meditation of visualizations and clearing of the mind.  This purpose is to begin creating a discipline in the rhythms in one’s body.  The idea is that this will then begin to reflect the rhythms of life that is surrounding a person.  The result will be an elimination of tension of nerves, irregularities and dysfunctions in the body.  The long term result of this will be strengthening and balance of the body.

The main purpose behind Qigong is to active channels of energy that are in every person.  This is a holistic practice to healing that everyone has the ability to practice, either as a meditation or a way to develop a strengthening of the entire system.  The combination of meditation techniques with movement allows one to become in sync to the rhythm of their own body and life, giving them a holistic and balanced way to living.