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Although it can be a very provocative martial art, Shootfighting is still one of the most popular martial arts styles in the world.  The art of Shootfighting is very old, originating from Japan as a way of self-defense.  Even though it is great to use for self-defense purposes, this martial art is more popular as a ring sport in competitions such as the Vale Tudo and the professional Shootfighting leagues found throughout Japan.

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In Japan, Shootfighting is a sport that is very popular.  The bouts take place in a ring that is similar to wrestling, ropes and all intact.  There are normally rounds, as well as a referee who is there to call the bout and stop it if need be.  Fighters will wear gloves and go at it full contact.  Submission and grappling are legal as well, which makes the fights more interesting.  Fighters can test their skills in Shootfighting against some of the best Japan has to offer with these bouts.

Shootfighting is popular in the United States as well, although it is more popular throughout Japan.  There are American fighters such as Ken Shamrock and Bart Vale who are experts in Shootfighting and travel to Japan on a frequent basis to compete in tournaments and bouts.  The atmosphere in Japan is very high, as they show a lot of passion and desire for the matches over there.

In technique and form, Shootfighting is a mix of striking and grappling.  It teaches students to be prepared for anything, standing or on the ground.  There are a lot of bone breaking moves taught with this art, from arm locks to ankle locks.  Most of the techniques that are taught to the student use a mixture of strength and technique - bringing very drastic results.

Even though a lot of people classify Shootfighting as being a form of pit fighting, it is actually quite a bit more.  Shootfighting does incorporate a lot of stand up fighting, in the form of punches, elbows, and kicks.  On their feet or on the ground, stylists can execute moves that will end a fight quickly.  The submission locks are the deadliest forms of defense and attack with this martial art, as they target a specific limb and focus on breaking it in two.

As a martial art, Shootfighting is very hard to beat.  It teaches students to be aggressive in battle and end the fight as quickly as possible.  It also teaches students self-control and self-esteem as well.  There are no belt classes with Shootfighting, as it is more or less a self-defense system that was originally designed for the streets.  It has proven to be very effective over the years, both on the streets and in competition.

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Subliminal Reviews & Subliminal Software Feature Image

Subliminal hypnosis (sometimes called covert hypnosis) talks straight to our sub-conscious mind. Our subconscious mind is always listening. It perceives everything around us. Subliminal hypnosis techniques can also be used for self- hypnosis but that is not the focus of this article.

Subliminal hypnosis talks directly to our subconscious minds. Subliminal hypnosis makes use of certain techniques in order to have this conversation with our subconscious. These elements are
* Intimacy
* Emotional appeal
* A direct and simple style
* Using images
* Repetition
You can use these five elements of subliminal hypnosis to influence those around you.

Create intimacy
This is sometimes called creating rapport. By creating intimacy, you create a sense of connection and trust. How do you create intimacy? You can do it by asking questions. Or you can tell someone a story. You can also use quotations in order to create a perception of dialogue.

Why make an emotional appeal?
If you ask someone why they did something or bought a product they will nearly always give you a rational reason based on the benefits of the action or the product. But that is not the reason that they did it. The real reason someone does something or buys a product is that of the way it makes them feel.

Use a direct, simple style
If someone understands you, they are more likely to listen to you. What's the first step to persuading someone about anything? It's getting them to listen to you, right? By using short and easy to understand words and sentences you are more likely to hold someone's attention and convince them.

Use images
People do not think in words. We think in pictures. If I say the word apple to you, you see a picture of an apple in your mind. You do not list the words that could describe the apple you immediately see the image of the apple. It is the same when you talk to someone. For every word that you say their subconscious is flashing an image associated with that word across their minds without them being aware of it.
How do you use images? The most common way is by making use of similes and metaphors. If I say John is as brave as a lion you immediately form a mental image of a strong and brave man.

Repeat yourself
The more someone hears or reads something the more inclined they are to believe it. (Perhaps that is why rumors survive for so long?) It does not matter if they hear or read it in the same place. Each time a fact is repeated more weight is attached to it. The trick here is to describe the same thing in a different way.

    Trisha Cornelius believes that your mind has the power to influence your reality and that there are various techniques that you can use to harness your mind power. 
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The Stressful Actions behind HEALTHY AGING

Older women are like aging strudels - the crust may not be so lovely, but the filling has come at last into its own.
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Learning to manage stress can help you feel better about you since you will feel healthier. Stress can be a bad thing, yet you have the power to control stress. If you let stress control you, it will affect your health. You will likely feel sick all the time, or feel like there is no hope in your world even if there is hope. For this reason, you want to learn how to take control.

How can I take control of stress?
The first thing you need to do is to take a long look. Is your situation so demanding that it stresses you?  Get a view on life and decide if you want the positive or negative things offered to you. Figure out how stress will affect your health to see if it is worth hanging onto the negative. Next, ask do you eat right and do you get enough rest? How’s your diet? Is it a healthy diet or is it a junk food diet?

How do people learn to deal with stress?
People learn to deal with stress all the time. It will take time, yet if you want it bad enough you will do it. You have to learn how to cope with the stress before you can deal with it. However, if you do this it will make it easier for you and you will stay healthy. Therefore, the answer to your question is to learn new coping skills.

How can stress affect my health?
Stress can affect you in many ways.  Stress can make you feel sick more than normal. Stress can make it difficult for you to make decisions since it affects your concentration.  Your normal sleeping patterns can be affected by stress. Some people experience balance eating habits. Some people will eat more than normal and others will not eat at all. You might develop high blood pressure. You could also be affected to the point of living with heart disease. Stress causes anxiety and depression. Stress can affect your overall mental and physical character. You need to learn how to control stress before it takes over you and controls you. You cannot just jump in and take control, however, since it takes time to learn how to control stress. Still, the effort you put forth is the gain you get back.

How do I find the ways to control my stress?
You have many options. To learn how you can control stress, consider who you are and what you want from life. You can write down things that stress you the most. Keep in mind some things in life you have no control. For instance, you have children who will cause you stress. Perhaps you have a job, and sometimes it causes you stress. As you age, sometimes as a parent you feel helpless, since you have no control over your adult children. Remember, these children have rights to make their own choices, which may affect you, but you have no control. Let it go. Do not spend your time worrying or yelling at the children, since they are grown and will do what they please, just as you did in your youthful years. Work on you, not anyone else, since it is the key to finding ways to control your stress.

Learn how to say no and mean it

This is a great way to reduce stress. Do not be afraid of hurting someone’s feelings. If they cannot handle no, then the person likely feels rejection and needs help for self. Setting limits mean you have to do what has to be done first for you before someone.

Learning to manage your stress is not going to be easy but it can be done with some work and willpower.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

NASAL ALLERGIES - What They Are And What You Can Do

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Nasal allergies are better known by its common name, allergic rhinitis. This type of allergy is extremely common.

But, if these reactions only happen during specific periods of the year, then you have a seasonal allergy, usually caused by pollen grains being spread out in the air at about the same time as your allergies.

There are also perennial allergies that can happen no matter what day of the year. But the good part is that you and your doctor can work out a treatment for you that will minimize the occurrences and keep your allergy in check.

Nasal Allergy Manifestations

A nasal allergy reaction is a bit like getting a sudden bout of the colds. You’ll sneeze, have watery eyes, have a runny nose with a clear liquid discharge, and all the other unpleasant side effects coming in with colds like having a sore throat and cough. This may seem like just an irritation, but there’s more to your nasal allergies than just that.

Common Causes

All allergy attacks are triggered by an allergen, which is the substance that your body recognizes as an outside threat and will attempt to block it. A common allergen during the summer months when flowers are in bloom is pollen, which can float around in the air and end up entering your respiratory tract.

Mold also does the same thing, so you can really feel like you’re having a mix of irritants, which is probably also the case. The last common sources of nasal allergies are animals, whether it’s from dust
mites or pet dander from your dog. These can all trigger allergic reactions from your body.

Diagnosis of Allergies

A simple evaluation by your doctor of your nasal symptoms can define the best way on how to diagnose if you have a nasal allergy. Then you can undergo tests to determine the best method of treatment for your case.

It would also be very helpful to your doctor if you provide some medical background and history of your allergies, such as when it started, which periods of the year it occurs, and heredity factors.

A physical exam could also test your body parts for faults. Once it’s all finished, you and your doctor can plan a way on how to treat your allergies with medication, allergen avoidance, and possibly immunotherapy so that you won’t have to endure those allergies forever.

The most effective treatment for allergies, however, is to avoid being exposed to it as much as possible. If you’re allergic to pollen grains, then it might be a good idea to limit your time in parks during the summer, where there are lots of trees and other plants who spread pollen quite well.

Depending on the medical advice your doctor gives, you just have to follow it to make sure that your nasal allergies are minimized and possibly avoided entirely.

Animals are also good sources of nasal infection, so keep your surroundings clean of pet hair and other materials by cleaning and vacuuming often.

You won’t have to do so many complicated things just to avoid a simple allergen material, and common sense still applies. Wherever your allergen is bound to be grown or found, better keep yourself away from it.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Keep your Car ORGANIZED and Simplify Your Life on the Go - FENG SHUI for Cars

1959 Dodge
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American driver spends on average about 15 hours in their car each and every week.  With busy hectic schedules, our cars are quickly becoming our home on wheels, so it should be no surprise that our cars can easily become infested with clutter.  And just as we have a system in place at home, so should we in our car.  An organized car keeps distractions at bay and essential items within easy reach.

Visor CD holders and passenger seat organizers are great items to have to keep your life in the front seat calm, cool and collected at all times.  Each of these organizing tools keeps important items within easy reaches, such as your water bottle, toll money, or map.

If a good portion of your time in the car involves hauling your children back and forth to daycare, on shopping excursions or to weekly activities, it's likely that your backseat is a toy box on wheels.  There are simple and affordable mesh nets that can be placed over the back of the front seats so that books, toys, and allowable snacks can be kept within easy reach.  Encourage your children to place their items in these organizers when they are getting out of the car, and you'll encourage them to learn how to pick up after themselves in your home as well.

Trunk organizers are a great storage tool for keeping those needed items from floating back and forth in the trunk during car rides and provide a safe haven for your groceries to travel home in.  Cargo nets can also be installed in the trunk to accomplish the same secure environment.

Lastly, keep your pooch safe and secure in the back by placing a dog divider in the back of your minivan or SUV.  This keeps them safely contained in one area during the commute, thereby decreasing the likelihood of him bounding onto your lap and getting in your way during the drive.  It also contains him in an enclosed area if he's dirty from playing in the mud or water.