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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The History of English RUNES

Image from page 22 of "Contributions to Old English literature" (1901)
Photo  by Internet Archive Book Images
The history of English runes transverses several countries. The ancient characters were used in Scandinavia and Teutonic countries before they made themselves known in Anglo Saxon territories. The first users were the East Goths who probably derived the lettering from ancient Hellenic-Italic glyphs. The Goths began carving them on wood and stone around 300 A.D. The word rune comes from an early Anglo-Saxon word that means “secret” or “mystery.”

These English Runes looked like small tablets and were carved on wood, stone or gemstones. The markings themselves consisted of a few curved and straight lines. There were two types of alphabets used. One called the Futhark consisted of 24 runes and one called the Futharks contained 16 runes. In the history of the English Runes, the Futhark runes are also sometimes called the “town” runes.

The town runes were used by many cultures throughout North Europe, Iceland, England, Scotland, and Ireland. As their origins were Hellenic, Germanic and Nordic they were seen as pagan so the form of writing and divining was not considered to be very Christian. The arrival of Christianity in England did not make their use obsolete but their use was more hidden. Many ancient churches in England have rune writing on their walls or hidden in the constructions as many people were erring on the safe side when they were built.  By concealing pagan symbols in the church they were betting on both God and the old ways to protect them. Until most major religious manuscripts and histories of the kingdom were written in the language of the old English Runes.

The Runic alphabet was always distinguished by other alphabets is because each rune is like a letter that has its own meaning as well. The runes also have religious or magical significance as well. Each time anything was written with a rune it was thought to also be performing magic. By naming something in words you were, in essence, using the rune language to make it happen. The interesting thing about the runes is that they could simultaneously spell words or sentences depending on how you arrange them.

Old English Runes were also routinely used for storytelling and fortune telling. Telling a positive story with the runes was thought to trigger fortunate events in your life. You could also curse your neighbors by putting together an unfortunate story about crops being ruined.  In some systems of Runic interpretation, the runes also corresponded to Celtic or Nordic gods or goddesses.

Ordinary people for fortune telling also commonly used old English Runes. They are still used today, as they always have been to tell fortunes. Runes are shaken, scattered or pulled from a bag and the tiles inscribed with symbols are read. This is an inexpensive and traditional form of divination that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

How to Use RUNE SECRETS For Survival

Runic Survival

These are very difficult times for the culture of Northern European peoples. The world is being painted with a large brush and only one color. Everyone is being forced to wear a size 9 1/2 shoe, whether it fits or not.

But this idea is an idea that belongs to a past age. It belongs to the Age of Pisces, The Age of herding everyone into one belief system. But it cannot last because the destiny of mankind is being guided by higher laws, not man-made politically correct laws.

We have left the Age of Pisces which has controlled the minds and lives of mankind for the past 2000 years.

We have just entered the Age of Aquarius which will last for the next 2000 years. This is the Age of the Mind, the Age of Individualism, the Age of thinking and creating one's own reality.

But we have just entered this new age. We have been in it for less than 100 years. The power and wisdom of this new age are very young, and not powerful.

The dinosaur ideas of the Age of Pisces are still very powerful and like a dying dinosaur, it takes time for it to fall dead. But it will. It is the law. Just don't let it fall on you when it comes crashing down.

As a Northern European people, we have one of the most powerful tools on the planet to use for our survival during these difficult times. They are the secret of our runes. Runes are Universal Creative Energies. Each rune represents an individual kind of energy.

It is time to get the runic energies inside of our Auras, so they will not only act as protective shields against the modern society, but they will also attract a new reality to you.

The new paradigm of this Age of Aquarius is summed up in the Laws of Quantum Physics. These Laws tell us that there is an infinite Ocean of thinking energy that responds to our thoughts and symbols.

The runes exist and have always existed in the Quantum Ocean. Time to think them out of the Quantum Ocean and into your lives. Into your Auras to be more exact. This is one of the secrets of the runes. They are energies that you can attract and use in your daily lives. Not for divination but for protection and creation.

Rune Secret: What runic energies we carry in our Auras attracts our lives to us.

To survive these dangerous times, we need to attract the energies of the Runes FA, URAZ, and THORN out of the Quantum Ocean.

Rune FA is the energy of Prosperity. By attracting FA energy out of the Quantum Ocean, and into your Aura, you will start to attract prosperity into your life.

Rune URAZ is the rune of Health. We all need more money and better health to survive these times. The URAZ rune energies will enter your Aura and then imbue energy all through your body, slowly but surely bringing you to better health.

Rune THORN is the rune of protection. We need protection from all kinds of nasty people, places, and events. We also need protection from mental and electronic dangers.

The best way to get the energies of these three runes, health, wealth and protection out of the Quantum Ocean and into your life is to meditate on them and breathe them in.

Rune Secret: Every morning for 1/2 hour sit quietly in your favorite chair. Take one of the runes at a time. Meditate on it. Start to attract the runic energy for (health, wealth and protection) out of the Quantum Ocean into your Aura and your life.

Three times.

Then get up and go about your business with the assurance of knowing that you have just started the runic energies of (health, wealth, and protection) into your life.

Repetition is God's first law. Start your lifelong repetition tomorrow. Do it and you will survive this change in the ages.

    Ragnar Storyteller (AKA Ellis Peterson is a Korean War Vet living with his wife Lory and dog Dixie in the boonies of the Pocono Mountains. He is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He is the inventor of the simple radionics device called "The Nordic Ond Orgone Generator". He has written over 200 articles and booklets on runes, radionics, quantum physics, Viking history, orgone generators and alternative healing methods. Ragnar is 70+ but looks 50's thanks to his inventions.

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Saturday, November 4, 2017


rune stone
Photo   by    mararie 
Magic Rune Symbols
I have been trying to share with you the importance of bringing the Runes and the gods/goddesses of the North into the 21st Century.

No longer should we run around in the woods with our axes and swords, drinking mead (unless we want to for FUN), asking the gods/goddesses to help us. If we had the power to invoke Odin, Thor or TYR into our blot or our rituals. What would we do with them?
We can't sic them on the outside world.
What we need to do is attract the Wisdom of Odin, the Strength of Thor and the Courage of Tyr...

Then we will be 21st Century Odin's, Thor's and Tyr's.
It is the age of doing it ourselves.
Runes and Odin and the gods/goddesses of the North belong in the 21st Century, in the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Internet and Quantum Physics.
No longer can we pray to them to do it for us. We must ask them how to do it and give us the energies to do it with.

It is erroneous to keep the Runes shackled to the Viking Age.
All the literature we have about the magic of runes is shadowed in parables, paradoxes and enigmas.
The Laws of Quantum Physics broke through the mystery of the magic of runes symbols.
Runes were never meant for divination.
Runes were never meant to be used as an alphabet.
Runes are Universal Creative Energies. Magical rune symbols are just that. Magical symbols that connect us to the runic energy of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God).

True Rune Symbols
The 18 Rune Futhork of Guido von List is true rune symbols.
Here are some Rune Symbol definitions that will share with you the reasons why Rune Symbols are powerful and magical.
* A Rune Symbol is a body containing a soul. (outline body of rune containing the soul of the living rune energies.)
* A Rune Symbol is matter holding a meaning. (Rune outline plus meaning of runes.)
* A Rune Symbol is a foci of force. (each rune symbol embodies several runic energies.)
* A Rune Symbol is a condenser of consciousness. (takes a piece of the consciousness of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and condenses it into a runic form.)
* A Rune Symbol is a thought tank. (by meditating on the rune you can pull useful runic thoughts out of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God).
* Magical rune symbols are energy exchanges between very different levels of worlds and the intelligent beings operating through them. (you and the world of the runes.)
It is the runic energy, runic meanings, runic associations and life-force packed into any rune symbol that makes it alive and functional for you. Odin only rediscovered the runes. They go farther back than the Viking Age.
To be a runemaster you must constantly nourish your deeper inner being with higher levels of frequencies from the runic energy levels.

Seek the Runes ---- or die!
Let's look at some definitions of Rune Magic.
* Rune Magic is bringing down higher laws into the present time.
* Rune Magic is causing action at a distance without having to use a physical object.
* Rune Magic makes use of the Law of Resonant Frequencies and Life-force.
* Rune Magic allows life-force to flow between similar and congruent bodies.
* Rune Magic is the ability to allow run energies to flow from the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) into your body and life.
* Rune Magic will break the shackles of poverty; release the bondage of disease; end the misery of failure.
To be successful in Rune Magic you need three operating forces.

Runic Energy --- A Rune Symbol
Target --- Your Photo
Life-force --- the power of your mind.
When you sit in your chair and meditate and look at a magical rune symbol, you are creating a:

Living Runic Thought Form
Your mind has provided the power to connect the rune symbol in your hands and the runic energies in the Quantum Ocean and bring them into your body and life.
You have the three ingredients you need to perform rune magic.
Runic energies which are specific frequencies in the Quantum Ocean
This newly created Runic Thought Form will now be part of your energy field.
This Runic Thought Form will cybernetic ally seek out and achieve its goals.

Rune Uruz (Health) example:
If it is Rune Uruzenergy you attracted into your aura, this Runic Thought Form will seek out the cause of the ill health within your body. It will then attract you the people, places and events you will need to cure yourself.
Whenever you use Rune Magic to help achieve your desires, the universe decides upon the details of how to obtain it.

While this is all going on outside of you, the Rune Uruz energy inside of your aura will dissolve the energy blockages that caused your illness.
You must be open and aware of new ideas, people, thoughts, feelings and places brought to you by the Runic Thought Form.

Rune Magic allows you to develop your spiritual and psychic powers.
With your ability to attract rune energies you can now attract health, wealth and love into your life now.

Remember runes are an energy. They are Universal Creative Energies.
The runes reside in the infinite Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) where time does not exist. There is no past, present or future. Only the now!

One thousand years ago Odin the All-Father hung for 9 days and nights on the Yggdrasil Tree. He finally reached into the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and rediscovered the runes for us.
Christianity has constantly tried to wipe out all information on the runes.

Guido von List, a German Runemaster, in the twentieth century had a cataract operation. As he lay in his bed blinded he too reached into the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and once again rediscovered the runes for us. The Arman en Runes.

Rune Magic uses runes as keys to the Universal Energies of Creation. Runes were used for spiritual purposes long before anyone used them to write.
Rune Magic helps you to get in touch with worlds and energies far beyond your everyday life.
Runes are energies that preceded language.

    By Ellis Peterson
    Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller (earned Viking name) is 72 and a skald and rune master. He is a retired math professor and electrical engineer. He brings his scientific knowledge of Quantum Physics into his Runic Information Website. He offers a unique approach to Runes and Quantum Physics. He offers free Runic and Quantum Physics essays and articles plus a free newsletter.
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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

RUNES' Names and Meanings

Runes exist in several variants: Elder Futhark, Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, Younger Futhark and its Medieval forms. However, all types of Germanic runic writing are basically kindred and go back to the Common Germanic Elder Futhark. One may be certain that these ancient runes had names. Alas, no rune-master of the Common Germanic period either left us a list of names for the Elder Futhark or explained what these names meant. 

Original text by User:Jack Daniel: Image creat...
Contains all 34 runes in the Anglo-Saxon Fuþorc, their names,
meanings, and values in the Latin alphabet.
(Photo credit: 
Therefore modern expositions of the original rune-names and rune-meanings are more or less daring reconstructions. There are several sources that allow us to speculate about the Common Germanic names of runes:

  • Anglo-Saxon runica manuscripta (the earliest late 8th century)
  • Abecedarium Nordmannicum (9th century)
  • Letter-names of the Gothic alphabet (recorded in the 10th century)
  • Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (end of the 10th century)
  • Norwegian Rune Poem (late 12th century)
  • Icelandic Rune Poem (15th century)

As one may see, the sources are rather late. Each of them is a witness of the contemporary runic tradition as it existed in a certain locality with respect to the number of runes, their meanings and names. Runica mansucripta are insular and continental manuscripts containing listings of Anglo-Saxon runes with more or less accurate roman equivalents and sometimes rune-names. One should remember that the manuscript tradition is somewhat different from the epigraphical one (whether or not they should be treated separately or combined as supplementary is not certain). Abecedarium Nordmannicum is a list of runes with short explanatory notes found in the Codex Sangallensis 878 that probably comes from Fulda. It is written in Old Saxon with traces of Anglo-Saxon influence. Names of Gothic letters are known from ms 795 from Vienna, National Library.

The language of these letter-names is notoriously different from that of Ulfila's translation of the Bible. Many researchers doubt whether this material may be relied upon. Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem from British Library MS Cotton Otho B.x has 29 stanzas of alliterative verse and is a very detailed account of the names and meanings of runes. Its Norwegian and Icelandic counterparts are shorter since they describe the 16-runes Younger Futhark and were recorded considerably later. Only careful comparison of all these sources can give a more or less adequate idea about the names and meanings of runes. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind that later Christian influence sometimes modified, reinterpreted or obscured earlier pagan concepts. For example, the Elder Futhark rune Thurisaz (giant) is called Thorn in the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc.

Monday, July 31, 2017


The subject of Rune Healing comes from a very wide field. There is a great deal of information on the Net about Rune Healing. You can find information about how the Vikings and our ancestors used Runes to heal.

But the bottom line to rune healing is energy. The New Paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that all is energy. You and I are energies, the runes are energies, our planet, Solar System, Galaxy and even the Universe is energy.

The Runes are keys to the Creative Energies of the Universe. They are the most powerful symbols and tools you can use to attract more health, wealth and love into your life.

Since we are energy beings we connect to all other energies in the Universe with our Auras. In fact the energies we carry in our Auras attract our physical realities. You want more health, wealth, and love? Then you must have the energy that vibrates to health, wealth and love in your Aura.

Then you must have the patience to allow these energies in you Aura to attract your new reality of health, wealth and love. It takes time.

Another powerful law of Quantum Physics is the law of Resonant Frequencies. A Rune UR symbol is a resonant frequency to the Universal healing energy. Like attracts like.

By practicing one of the following seven methods of Rune healing you can attract the healing energies of UR out of the Quantum Ocean of all energies and into your Aura.

Once the rune UR energy is in your Aura, it will start the healing process that will bring you health.

The following seven methods need a symbol of the UR Rune to be affective.. Copy the UR Rune at the end of this Article.

Rune Meditation: With the UR Rune in your lap relax, breathe deeply and meditate upon it. No thoughts just a simple runic meditation.

That is all you have to do. Your mind will make the needed connection.

Rune Breathing: With the Ur Rune in your lap, look at it and intone "I am now breathing the divine healing energy of the Rune Ur out of the Quantum Ocean and into my Aura."

Rune Yoga: Practice the Rune Ur body and hand postures.

Rune Magic: This is a wide open field for you. I have written several articles on Rune Magic. Pick and Choose the method you like.

Rune Mantras: The power of the spoken Rune Mantras is not to be overlooked. <br />
Rune Radionics: The 21st century has not only given us the Laws of Quantum Physics, but also the Internet and the new Science of Radionics. Combining Runes with Radionics powers up all your Rune exercises.

Rune Cooking: Make a batch of your favorite cookies and inscribe or make an icing symbol UR on them. Every day eat one knowing that   the laws of Resonant Frequencies will attract abd unleash the healing power of Ur into your body.

    Ellis Peterson is a Korean War Vet living with his wife Lory and dog Dixie in the boonies of the Pocono Mountains. He is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He is the inventor of the simple radionics device called "The Nordic Ond Orgone Generator". 
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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What Can Norse Mythology Teach You About RUNES?

In my eyes, it is not possible to understand the true nature of the runes without studying the Norse mythology. A common mistake made by New Age "runemasters" is that they study the runes from divination point of use, and not from the ancient tradition. But the people of the North were using the runes in many different way, the divination practices were only part of them.

It is important, for every runemaster wannabe to remember, that if you want to master the Norse runes, you must read the Norse mythology, explore Poetic Edda and Northern sagas. What can these teach you? Many things, I might say.

This romantic representation of the norns depi...
This romantic representation of the norns depicts one of them
(Verdandi according to the runes below) with wings, contrary to folklore.
(Photo credit: 

For example, I have learned many different runic spells and rituals that have not been described in any book about runes I have ever encountered; therefore, it is my belief that their authors never really studied the mythology behind runes. A lot of interesting uses of runes in spells and high magick can be found within the Poetic Edda itself. More information can be found in classic Sagas. For example, no book about runes I have read ever mentioned that the Thurisaz rune can be used to cause mental illness.

Another interesting thing that you can find with the help of Northern mythology is the correspondence between runes and Northern gods. For example, while most book about runes agrees that Thurisaz is the rune of the god Thor, I haven't found many books that mention that Heimdall was the god of Daguz and few more other runes. Or, that Nauthiz, Isa and Hagalaz are the runes "guarded" by the Nornes - Urd, Werdandi and Skuld. This leads to interesting interpretation that the Hagalaz guarded by Urd is the rune of the past; Nauthiz guarded by Skuld is the rune of the future; and Isa, guarded by Werdandi, is the rune of the present. This can be used in many different divination and magical practices.

Exploring the Norse mythology is not only fun, but also educating for everyone who is interested in the Runes. You can find explanations of each rune, descriptions of spells and rituals, and examples of uses for each rune, scripts and bindrunes. It is important to remember that mastering the subject of the runes require not only learning the runes themselves, but also the culture from which they originate - the culture of the Vikings, and people before them. Without this, no one can become a true runemaster.

Monday, May 15, 2017

NORSE RUNE Thorn Has Power to Protect You From Cell Tower Vibrations

Cell phone tower in Oregon.
Cell phone tower in Oregon.
(Photo credit: 
Rune Power of Thorn

In our high technological, politically correct society that we live in, not only have we lost our spirituality, but we have lost faith in anything we cannot measure. If we cannot see it, feel it, touch it or smell it then for this spiritually dead society it does not exist.

How woefully wrong! There are unseen powers in the Universe that put the childish machines of man to shame.

One of these powers is the power of the runes. Runes are keys to the universal creative powers. They are truly infinite in power and only when they are harnessed through one of the runic symbols can they be used by man for his betterment and protection.

Each rune is a key to a individual functional energy. One of the most powerful of all the runes is Thorn. It is the rune of Protection.

The person who wears of invokes the Rune Thorn is protected from any energy that would be harmful to his well being. It is the Rune of Protection from all harm.

Another side effect of this highly technological society, is that a lot of it is dangerous and harmful to man. The Cell Phone Towers at the present time leads the list of harmful technological inventions.

There are screams from thousands of people all over the country, "Don't put that Cell tower HERE!"

But the government as well as the powers that be steam roll over them saying there is no proof that radio frequency emissions are harmful to humans. But there are many studies that prove otherwise.

Doctors in Australia and New Zealand have found that children living near cell towers have twice the rate of Leukemia. Biomedical engineers say exposure to cell phone towers leads to vibroacousitc diseases. These low levels of radiation lead to damaged cell tissue and DNA, depression etc.

ENOUGH! We do not need any more proof. What is one answer? Answer! The Rune Thorn. Rune Thorn is one of those mystical creative energies that blocks out the vibration of Cell Tower frequencies.

A friend of mine, a professional Kineseologist, and his friend went up to a big Cell tower. He asked his friend to point at the tower, which he did. He easily forced his friend's arm down to his side with his muscle testing technique. Cell towers weaken humans.

Then he handed his friend the wood rune Thorn, which was hand made. His friend held it in his left hand and pointed once again at the Cell tower.

This time, the kineseologist could not budge his friend's arm down one inch, using all his strength. This is the muscle testing technique that tells you whether a substance or an object held in one hand makes the body stronger or weaker.

Don't believe what He did? He was using the Power of the rune Thorn. Then try his muscle testing technique with the Rune Thorn yourself. I always carry the rune Thorn on me now and I have four Thorn Runes attached to the North, South, East and Western sides of my house.

Did you ever hear about this following story? If you did not it is because the Media won't write about it. It is the story of an Aborigine Shaman in Australia who caused a passenger jet to change it's course and force land because it was flying over a sacred ground. He did it with the power of his mind.

What did Shakespeare say about there being more things on Heaven and Earth? The invisible power of the Runes is Awesome. Use them for protection.

    Ragnar Storyteller (AKA Ellis Peterson is a Korean War Vet living with his wife Lory and dog Dixie in the boonies of the Pocono Mountains. He is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He is the inventor of the simple radionics device called "The Nordic Ond Orgone Generator".

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Friday, April 28, 2017

ODIN, Thor, the Aseir and Elves in Anglo-Saxon MAGIC

Odin, Thor the Aesir and Elves
Much of the Christianized Teutonic (Norse / Germanic) magic dedicated Odin, Thor and the Aesir as no more than words of power. They only existed through the working of charms.

Also associated with the Great Aesir Pantheon of God/Goddess's was a motley crew of lessor supernatural beings.

Christianity said these supernatural beings worked their evil on mortals.

Odin was pictured as he rode through the sky with what they called fierce women, shrieking curses and hurling destructiveness.

The church did all it could to demonize Odin and Thor.

Odin-thor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Invocation of Odin and Thor was forbidden. But Christian semi-barbarians of Anglo-Saxon England, retained the memory only of the supposedly Pagan ancient terrors.

The vengeful flying fierce women of Odin became the witches of the Middle Ages.

The dreaded elves became the Fawns, Lemures, and Satyrs used to frighten children. Hordes of Elves, urged on by furious witches attacked humans with elf-shot.

They hurled missiles at heroes. Elves carried out spiteful attacks on animals.

Odin's lay of an Elf-Shot horse 'narrative charm' is as follows:

  • "If a Horse be taken down with Elf-Shot, take a knife of which the handle is horn of a roan Auroch as on which be three inscribed runes. Inscribe Odin's Rune on the horse forehead that it bleed, and also on it's back. Then prick through the left ear silently. Then take a a galder staff and smite the horse on the back.
  • Then will the horse be whole. What so ever elf it be that shot the horse will be over powered. This remedy has the power to heal."

Sounds cruel. But remember the alternative is a dead horse.

Christianity left no part of our Viking religion, culture or mythology unscathed with their demonetization.

Dwarf's were depicted as harmful as the Elves. They were pictured in Christian Art as always small and noxious.

Christian Dwarfs were less active, but more oppressive than Elves. They brought nightmares to children. The Teutonic peoples depicted Dwarfs as small, ugly Earth dwellers who stayed in the Earth mining and working with metal. Not demonic or harmful to children.

Odin, Thor, the Aesir, Elves, Dwarves were all demeaned by the church.

I prefer to think of Elves and Dwarves the way Tolkien wrote about them in his "Lord of The Rings" series of books.

    By Ellis Peterson
    Ragnar Storyteller (AKA Ellis Peterson is a Korean War Vet living with his wife Lory and dog Dixie in the boonies of the Pocono Mountains. He is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has written over 200 articles and booklets on runes, radionics, quantum physics, viking history, orgone generators and alternate healing methods. Ragnar is 70+ but looks 50's thanks to his inventions. You can see more of his works on his website: Ragnar Storyteller's un-politcally correct writings on quantum physics and other stuff. click:
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Sunday, January 1, 2017

How to Attract Wealth With ARMANEN RUNE FA


Remember to print out the large FA Rune on the page.

The Armanen Runes are keys to the Creative Energies of the Universe. Runes are symbols and therefore the most powerful tools available for you to use. There are three keys for the successful use ofArmanen Runes.

(1)  Use only one rune at a time for your mediation's, exercise or rituals. Runes are like electronic Carrier waves. They carry more than one energy at a time within their symbolic matrix. For best results single out just ONE of the energies you wish to attract from the quantum ocean and into your life.

(2)  You must learn how to get the energies of the runes out of the quantum ocean and into your aura. What energies you carry in your aura attracts their physical counterpart into your life.

(3)  PATIENCE. The energies contained within the runic energy matrix will instantly appear at the periphery of your aura. There is no nor space in the quantum ocean, only the "here-now." So when you contact the runic energies in the quantum ocean they automatically appear near you. What stops them from automatically entering your aura are the false negative energy matrices you have built up. Your fear of success, love or wrong health ideas are in your aura. You have unconsciously place them there. They are like a solid brick wall stopping the runic energies from entering you. This is the one most important fact that others don't tell you. You are stopping your own health, wealth and love.

BUT, runic energies are very powerful and they will slowly and steadily break through and dissolve the negative blockages from your aura. This is guaranteed. It is part of the Laws of Quantum Physics. All you need to do is be PATIENT and don't doubt.

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that everything that is, was or ever will be exists in an infinite ocean of intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. The runes exist there and have always existed there.

Guido Von List manifested the 18 rune Armanen Futhork out of the Quantum Ocean in the 20Th century. They are fresh and powerful and have not been polluted like the 24 rune futhork that has been popularized by so many want to be rune masters and magicians. Blume really put the final nail in the coffin of the 24 rune futhrok with his BLANK RUNE. There is no such runic energy matrix in the quantum ocean that stand for NOTHING!

To get more information about the Armanen Runes surf the net and read about these three Armanen Rune Masters. Siegfried Adolf Kumer, Rudolf John Gorseleben and Guido Von List. Don't forget the most modern rune master, Karl Hans Welz.

You must learn to get the Rune FA into your aura to attract the money you desire. We are energy beings and what energies we carry in our auras attracts their physical counterparts into our life. Money energy in your aura = money in your pockets.

Learn to breath in the runic energies. Take the rune symbol at the bottom of this page and hold it in front of you. Gt quiet and take a deep breath while looking at the rune.

Mentally intone" "I am now breathing in the money attracting energy of Rune FA out of the quantum ocean and into my aura." Do this three times. Then go about your business and give the runic energy time to work on your aura.

How long? One day? One week? One year? How many blockages do you have? Have thick is your wall? PATIENCE. Repeat this every day and reinforce it constantly without doubt.

By looking at the FA rune and consciously breathing it in you are actually touching the rune FA money energy in the quantum ocean. You are thinking about it. What you think about you attract.

The money energy of the FA rune will be there at the edge of your aura awaiting entrance. It will work its way in. Money will be attracted to you. REPETITION AND PATIENCE!

    Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, radionics, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wife Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pagan Teutonic Magic and Medicine - Odin's 9 RUNE Twig Lay

Upplands Runinskrift 871
Upplands Runinskrift 871

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Odin's Lay of the Nine Twig Runes 
(Used by the Vikings)

There is a big difference between Native Teutonic Magic and the Magic that came North from the Mediterranean Countries.

The Pagans believed that the four causes of disease are (1) The flying Venoms; (2) The Evil Ones; (3) The Worm as a cause of Disease; and (4) the Power of the Elves and especially "Elf-Shot."

Not only did the Northern peoples know of these causes, but they are also found in the ancient Indian Vedas.

The Lay of the the Nine Twigs,(Runes) of Odin tell us how Odin was at war against the "Worm" serpent. He cut it into nine fragments. From each fragment, a disease arose. These were: Death dealing diseases.

English: The Norse god Odin on his horse Sleip...
The Norse god Odin on his horse Sleipnir
(Photo credit: 
There is a native charm for protection against these diseases.
"Balder and Odin
Fared into the wood
There was Balder's Foal
His foot wrenched.
Then charmed Odin
As well he knew how,
As for the bone wrench
So for the blood wrench;
"Bone to bone,
Blood to blood,
Limb to limb,
As if they be glued."

Jacob Grimm demonstrated how this charm showed up in Norwegian, Swedish, Scottish and Danish Folklore.

It has also been rendered in Gaelic and in the Sanskrit Artharua Veda. Symbolically the "Nine Twigs" are Odin's Runes, which he cast for magical charms.

A little bough from a fruit bearing tree was cut into nine slips. Each distinguished with a certain mark (Rune.)

Odin's nine (Runic) twigs of Fate determine the lot of the sick man.

"Augury and Divination by Lot", wrote Tacitus (c55 - c120) of the Germanic tribes. "No people practice more diligently." he wrote.

There is an old saying, "Where there is smoke there is fire."

What happened to this wonderful "Narrative Charm" of Odin? A charm that was known about and written about, not only in Northern Europe and Scandinavia but also in Rome and the Vedic Eastern countries?

Have we buried ourselves so deeply in Materialism and technology, that we have no need for the magic of our ancestor

    Ragnar Storyteller (AKA Ellis Peterson) is a Korean War Vet living with his wife Lory and dog Dixie in the boonies of the Pocono Mountains. He is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has written over 200 articles and booklets on runes, radionics, quantum physics, viking history, orgone generators and alternate healing methods. Ragnar is 70+ but looks 50's thanks to his inventions. You can see more of his works on his website: Ragnar Storyteller's un-politcally correct writings on quantum physics and other stuff. click:
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Sunday, November 13, 2016

How To Use RUNES In Psychic Readings

There are many ways to read runes. Any book on runes will give you several different ways to read runes and other ways of divination. There are easy and also more complicated ways to cast runes and give psychic readings. You will want to get into a routine for your readings.

One such routine is to lay down your rune cloth and pour all of the runes out on the cloth, right side up. Put the runes in alphabetical order, keeping the blank rune separate. Say a prayer, of your choosing to guide you in your reading. Turn the runes over and mix them around, concentrating on your question as you do. When you feel they have been mixed enough, you are ready to choose the runes and begin your reading.

Your particular routine can involve burning incense or candles, do whatever makes you feel comfortable. You will find that if you perform this each time you are ready to do a psychic reading, it will help you get focused.

Unless you are casting the runes for a yes or no question, you will need to ask your question in a specific manner. Instead of asking "will I be rich?" Ask "what can I do to become wealthy?" Be specific.

The One Rune Draw.

The question is asked and one rune is drawn, either from the bag of runes, or from the runes spread face down on the cloth. This one rune will give you an answer to your question if you wish to keep things simple.

The Three Rune Draw.

While focusing on the question, draw three runes. Do this in the same manner of the one rune draw. The first rune is the Overview of the situation and will give you a generalized understanding of the question. The second rune is Course of Action, and will tell you what you action you may want to take in the situation. The third rune tells the outcome of the situation. The runes cannot tell you that you must take a certain action. You are given options and will need to decide yourself.

The Yes or No Draw.

Focus on your question and draw three runes in the same manner that you do in the other two draws. Check to see how many runes are upright and how many are reversed. If the runes that have been drawn are not reversible, you need to know if the meaning of the rune is positive or negative in its theme. If all three runes are of a positive nature, the answer is yes. When all three runes are negative the answer is no. The runes will generally tell you what you might do to improve your chance of turning this around. When two runes are positive and one is negative, your answer is yes, yet there is something that you will not be happy with in the situation. When two runes are negative and one is positive, the answer is, of course, negative.

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Guido Von List Discovers ARMANEN RUNES

Guido von List in 1878 from the book Guido v. ...
Guido von List in 1878 from the book Guido v. List. Der Wiederentdecker uralter arischer Weisheit by Johannes Balzli published in 1917. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Rune symbols are very powerful. You can use them to enhance your life for the better. They are keys to the Creative Energies of the Universe. Guido Von List, the great German mystic and rune master, gave us a new modern day insight into the runes.

He had a very similar experience as Odin, the All Father of the Norse Gods head. Odin hung upside down on the Yggdrasil Tree for nine days and nine nights till he finally reached down and grasped the runes. From where?

Guido Von List has cataract surgery and as he lie in bed in a German hospital he had a similar experience.

In his semi blind state he also reached down and brought forth the 18 runes of the Armanen Futhork. Where did he and Odin reach down to to get the runes?

Now that we are in the Age of Aquarius we have the answer. We now have the Laws of Quantum Physics. These laws simply state that there exists and infinite, intelligent ocean of thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean. Everything that ever was, is or will be exists there.

There is no time there. No past, present nor future. Only the "NOW!" There is not space there. Only the "HERE!" We live and move and have our being inside the "HERE-NOW!"

English: Guido von List's armanen runes arrang...
Guido von List's armanen runes arranged in a circle and given the numbers 1-18. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The runes exist in the Quantum Ocean now and have always existed there. They are the keys into the other energies within the Quantum ocean.

The Quantum Ocean, in reality, is the Mind Of God. We can commune directly with the Mind of God with our thoughts. Thoughts are things. Thoughts are keys to the Universal Energies within the Quantum Ocean.

We can also communicate with the Mind of God, the Quantum Ocean through symbols. The rune symbols are the most powerful keys known to mankind. We can use them to attract health, wealth and love into our own life.

There are many ways we can use the runes to attract the energies we want out of the Minds of God, the Quantum Ocean.

We can simply look at a rune symbol and make the mental radionics connection. We can meditate on them. We can breath them into our aura. We can attache them to a radionicss device. You can place them under an orgone generator. Or we can simply carry them with us of wear them on our bodies.

Each of these methods will be explained in following articles. I will be talking about and using the Guido Von List 18 rune Armanen Futhork.

    By Ellis Peterson
    Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, radionics, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wife Lory.
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